Set Audio Listener Attenuation Override

So, I’m playing around with the new Set Audio Listener Attenuation Override node and I can’t seem to get it to work!

Here’s how I’ve got it set up in the Level BP

The ‘Char Listener Pos’ is a Scene Component within the ThirdPersonCharacter positioned at the character’s head.
When I test this out, attenuation appears to be calculated from the original camera position rather than the newly defined character’s head position.

I’ve tried using the Attach to Component input and the Location vector input, but both give the same results.

If I swap the Listener Override node out for the old Set Audio Listener Override node with the same Target and Component, then it works as you would expect - the attenuation is calculated from the character location and not the camera.

Am I doing something wrong??

Hey @teed! Not sure if you ever figured this out, but you’ll want to have this triggered from and Event Tick rather than Begin Play. At least that’s what worked for me.