"Set Array Elem" node bugged?

Hello !

I am using Unreal engine 5.0 release version, and I noticed that the Set Array elem node, which is used to change a value inside an array of an element, seems kinda bugged :

Here on the images in red are the values I have at each step , First I have the value ‘2’ which I subtract 1 from it, so I am left with ‘1’, which is indicated properly in the print string ( I put 2 just to be sure the value was as stated )
Then After going into the Set Array Elem, the value changed like the ‘subtract’ node had been run twice

Anyone knows how to go around this issue ?


Can`t see the whole blueprint , but my guess is you change element from 2 to 1 when set array element is executed, then print string READS from the element(that you turned to 1 and substracts by one so you get 0)