Set Animation Interpolation Type for a Stepped Animation Look


I am looking for the Set Animation Interpolation Type node but can’t seem to find it. ;-(

Here is the link in the documentation :

I tried creating a new Anim Sequence variable inside an Anim Blueprint and dragging the output to find the node in the all possible actions, but no luck, even with the Context Sensitive box unchecked.

Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone knows how to set a step interpolation type to an anim sequence?

The idea is to be able to get a “stop motion” like animation were UE4 doesn’t constantly update the animation between the animation keyframe. It looks to me that this node would do just that. Am I wrong?

I searched and read pretty much everything I could find regarding ways to get that stepped animation effect. I found:

-people mentionning UE4 doesn’t recognize or keep FBX keyframe types from animation software like Maya

-that ue4 interpolates between keyframes as much as it can so that the animation is as smooth as possible

-weird workarounds, threads about a Github thing that allows to set the interpolation type of animation, threads about how it’s part of newer engine version, but no threads that actually explain how to set up this stepped animation effect.

Wouldn’t that Set Animation Interpolation Type node allow to convert any animation into a stepped animation?

If so, does anybody knows if it really exist, where to find it and how to set it up (even though it appears to me it should be pretty straightforward)?

Thanks so much in advance for any help regarding this topic!

Doesn’t seem to be a lot of info directly from epic about animation stuff like this. However, animations LODs sound a little closer to your needs, since it is a system that lowers the play rate for optimization reason which produces a “framey” look.

There is AnimUpdateRateTick, sounds helpful. I’ve not done this sort of stuff myself, but its obviously possibly somehow - hence guilty gear in ue4. Might be more cpp involved, but it sounds like its accessible in the blueprints of the characters.

Hope the links help in your research.