Set animation blueprint for character when they walk into trigger box

Hey, so I was wondering how i can make it so when my character walks into a trigger box they use a different animation blueprint. Also, how can i make them play a animation first, then set the new Animation Blueprint

I think the animation bp and the skeleton must match each other in order for the animations
to play. If you swap the anim bp of the mannequin to another anim bp then the mannequin’s
animations stop working and he goes into the t-pose mode. When you swap his anim bp
back to his original anim bp again then his animations will play.

So how do we get a character to use another animation bp? When its hard coded to use
that skeleton’s anim bp?

I think you need to make another copy of the same character and just Swap the mesh
to use the other animation blueprint.

i think they had to swap meshes when wanting to transform between other characters.

I figured it out after a little while, I basically just made the player’s anim BP have to sets of state machines and they change based on if the variable is true. But i have something that just came up. I’ve been trying for a while now and I want the player to be able to press ‘F’/ so use an input action, when in the trigger box. when the action happens it plays a sound + anim montage + attaches mesh to player. Everything works when i just use the “OnActorBeginOverlap” but when i use the input action nothing happens

Heres what i have so far

It is possible to change the anim BP at runtime though, it’s Set Anim Instance. In your BP there’s a branch after the input action. Is it evaluating true?

How do you mean? Im trying to make it say that when the the player is in the trigger box and press F he will do the following. But if he presses F outside of it nothing will happen

Your interact event is in the pickup item though, that won’t work. The player controller only handles keys for your controlled pawn which usually means your player character. Instead you could add a blueprint interface to your character called InteractInterface or something.

You could then move the Interact event into your character, set it to do a line trace, break the output pin, get the hit actor and call the InteractInterface event on that. In the pickup item you can implement the interface by adding it in the details panel to the right, then double clicking the interface function near the variables to the bottom left and implementing it there. Meaning you can move the branch and everything after that into that function.