Set Anim Instance Class Not Setting At Runtime

Hi, I’m trying create a single weapons blueprint where I have the ability to change the skeletal mesh and associated animation blueprints on spawn. I’ve included the most basic of tests which still are not showing the desired results. So when I equipped this actor to myself (weapon) it should set the anim instance class to the “MGA_Anim_BP2” but when I pause after equipping and check the fields, the animation field is still empty and the weapon’s animation bp is not being set. I can get/set the skeletal mesh via interfaces fine which I plan to do with this if I can get it working.

Thank you,


Ok I figured it out. It was working the whole time, I was just assuming that the details panel would show what has been Set. So it’s all working you just can’t see it. As I finished the interface functions through to the animation blueprint, it worked! Thanks!