Set and modify a countdown in game

Hey guys, I’m working on an FPS in which you have a countdown. When this countdown is egal to zero, it’s game over. When you kill an enemy, you gain time on this countdow, When an enemy hit you, you loose time on this countdown.

So right now, I’ve followed a tutorial to create a simple timer: UE4 Game Timer | Blueprint Tutorial by Devin Sherry - YouTube

But I want the oposite, so, a countdown. Here’s what i have rigth now:

I guess I have to create a variable that i’ll modify dynamically but I’d prefer to start with a good methodology and a good base. So, if you guys have some advice about this, or if someone has already done a countdown, I’ll be happy to see that :slight_smile:

Hey I’ve found a solution !

please note it is a very bad solution, as it uses “event tick”. it will make computations every frame. please use timers instead for the sake of performance.