Set "Allow CPU Access" on mesh

Hey UE-Guys,

I’m working with the “Slice Procedural Mesh” function from the 4.13 release.

It’s working fine, but you have to set the "Allow CPU Access flag in the mesh editor.

Do you really have to set it manually or is there a automatic way, I don’t know, when importing, or in the construction script from a BP or … I don’t know. This would help me to not click some hundred files :slight_smile:

EDIT mark all meshes, right click, asset action, bulk edit via property matrix

The best way I found to set the flag quick is to mark all of your meshes (or a lot) → right cklick → edit, hover over the checkbox → click it → Ctrl+F4 (closes current tab) and then you have automatically your mouse over the next mesh and you can click it and close it.

Fastes way I found

Forget that, mark all the meshes and use the bulk matrix, done.

I’m sorry - but I’ve been looking around for the last 20 mins for “Allow CPU Access” … and this doesn’t help at all. I’m on 4.25, and going into the editor doesn’t seem to show any flags for CPU anything. Sorry if I’m just being a noob. Where is this exactly?

It’s located inside the mesh (asset) from the Content Browser. Double click on it and just look for “allow” in the details right panel to find it:

Or, as was mentioned above, select multiple mesh assets from the Content Browser > Right click > Asset Actions > Bulk Edit via Property Matrix. And then look again for it in the right side:

I would just like to bump this convo, and hope that somebody knows a way to access this via construction script or event graph, bulk edit is fine but…I need to be able to enable this on runtime / dynamically

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yeah i also need to set “allow Cpu Access” at runtime, because i am importing meshes with interchange.