Set all spline tangents to zero in BP?

I know you can manually scale spline tangents to zero, but I was hoping to be able to do this via construction script. I thought it would be as simple as running a for loop and setting every tangent to a zero value, but it doesn’t work…

How about changing it to linear? Or maybe you need this first:


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Thanks for the suggestion, but didn’t make a difference. It’s very strange, you think it’d be really easy to adjust the tangents via blueprint.

Actually, I found it. You can use either the tangent setting, or more easily your Spline point type node and set it to linear, but before either will work, you have to select the spline itself and in the details panel, I searched for “point” and there’s a bool for “Input Spline Points to Construction Script”. Without that checked, the node doesn’t do anything, but as soon as I check it, it fixed the issue. Thanks Everynone, you did it again :slight_smile: