"Set All Bodies Below Physics Blend Weight" to 0 ~sevenfolds tick-time

Hey guys,

strange thing. A few hours ago I tested my custom-vehicle physics and got scared as the tick-time of the game with 22 vehicles climbed up to 56ms. (Source: stat game)
But then I discovered that when I don’t call “Set All Bodies Below Physics Blend Weight” (to 0) for the skeletal-meshes of the vehicles, the tick-time reduces to 9-6ms.

What could cause this? When I set the Blend Weight to 1, the tick-time stays at 9-6ms. I then thought it might be the animation that causes the high tick time, but the tick time stayed at 56ms when I removed all animations :confused:

I would really appreciate help with this.

When I set the blend weight to 0.01, the tick-time stays normal at ~7ms tick, so I highly assume that this is a bug.