Set actors in array to locatoins in array

How would I go about setting the locations for actors in an array to locations that are saved in an array?

Lets say I have an array of 50 vectors and array of 20 actors.
I want the location of the actor to be set to the first available vector in the array as soon as the actor is added to the array.

I have attempted this with a for each loop but couldn’t figure out the checking if an actor is already in a given vector location and if so, moving on to check the next vector.

Any help would be appreciated!


the actor can move from the location?

I am not sure what you are asking… There is an actor in the world, I add that actor to an array which I want to automatically set that actors location from an array of vectors…

For each loop with the actor array > set actor location >
The for each loops also gives you an index number, draw off a pin from there and use the “get” node.
Attach that to your location array, wire into the set actor location.