Set actor rotation on event

Hello everybody,

I’m struggling with a problem that i can’t find a solution for. I’m working on a simple 2d game and what i’m trying to accomplish is that when my character jumps, note that my character is a square, to add 90 degrees rotation to its current rotation. If you played geometry dash you know what i’m talking about. I tried different approaches but no success yet.
Do you have any ideas how this can be done?

Hey there, if you are applying the rotation to the actor i believe that won’t work because of the character movement component, but if you apply relative rotation on the flipbook that might work.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it doesnt seem to work the way i do it…I think i’m wrong in the lerp section…What should i plug into B?

First, to test, don’t do the timeline, just do the Set Relative Rotation to see how it affects the flipbook.

it just turns the sprite on the specified rotation then back to original

You can get the current relative rotation and add 90º each time you shoot, if that is what you want.

yeah, that’s what i’m trying to accomplish but it doesnt work

Can you send a screenshot of the rotation when you do Set Relative Rotation (0, 90, 0) ?