Set actor Rotation doesn't rotate my character

My character goes to the location with any rotation I’m having, not rotating based on this the blueprints here in level blueprint. What am I doing wrong though?!

Various things a bit off :wink:

  1. With a timeline, you need to calculate locations and rotations BEFORE going into the timeline. You can’t sample during the TL

  1. The update pin of a TL triggers every frame. Do you really want to run this every frame?

Maybe you mean to connect that on the Finished pin.

  1. Depending on what kind of pawn / character you have, you almost certainly need to use something like this to rotate your character



Sweet! I used a do once node, and replaced dis/enable input with ignore movement input. used set actor location for the pawn and a set control rotation for player controller and everything works nicely! also used target point actor rotation for the rotation. thank you!!