Set Actor Rotation does not work


I can set the Actor Location of my Character just fine, but when I try to use Set Actor Rotation node nothing happens. I did put some description on the forums:

If anyone has any ideas I would be extremelly gratefull.


If I understand you correctly… try to turn the character mesh nodes using SetRelativeRotation through ConstructionSctipt.

I hope this helps you.

I did found a workaround by using Set Control Rotation in Player Controller. While testing the SetRealtiveRotatoin for the mesh worked as well, but wouldn’t that be just rotating the mesh inside the character not the entire character? And what I do not understand at all is why is Set Actor Location working and Set Actor Rotation is not… As I have found an alternative solution it’s not a real problem at the moment, more of a puzzle, but an interesting one…

I know that I’m to late with the answer but maybe I will help some beginners.
The correct answer is: You are using Character as base class and probably you forgot to unselect “Use Controller Rotation Yaw”.