Set Actor Rotation/Client/3edperson/Multiplayer

Try to rotate player controller (i think it’s client side function only).

Hello, I can not seam to get my player to set actor rotation on client only. Host side works great. But the client will not work at all. I have been working on this problem for about two days now. Looked at every idea on the web with no luck. What i need is… I need my player to left click his mouse button input, Turn the player mesh to the mouse location play block animation, and spawn a shield mesh with particles in front of the player .I have it working somewhat. The problem i am having is. The player turns to the location 50% of the time client side only . The shield with particles spawns only by useing the AWDS keys in the direction i press my AWDS key Host side Works perfectly as i need it to 100%

This is what i got going on at the moment “Custom Event 0” Is tied to the “Multicast event” I forgot to rename it when i took this pic. Any help would be great Thanks!

Problem Solved Trying to rotate player controller did not work for me. But!.. You gave me some ideas to work with. After playing around with it a bit. I found the solution to my problem. Thankyou for the reply. You did help me. ![alt text]

This is what worked for me. Left click mouse button input,Turn the player mesh to the mouse location,Play block animation,Spawn shield mesh with particles in front of the player, Thankyou so much!