Set actor opacity for fade-out?

Hi there.

I’d like to make my enemies fade away when they are defeated, which would obviously mean to gradually set their transparency/opacity to 0, but I haven’t seen any option to do something like that.
Is there no way to do it without having to modify a parameter inside the material?

Yeah, you have to use material parameters.

Which in turn means ALL your enemy materials need to be translucent.

An effect which I personally enjoy, and use in my game, which is similar in nature but doesn’t require material mods, is to have an enemy, upon entering the “dead” state and going limp/ragdoll, set a timer for about 15 seconds. Then, I disable all collision on their skeleton, and then destroy them about a half of a second later.

This still keep them from popping out of existence really jarringly, but instead of fading to transparent they just dissolve through the floor.

RhythmScript’s method could work really well for DaD if you add an effect on top of the phasing through the floor to make it less noticeable that that’s how it’s being handled.

That’s kinda nice, but it doesn’t work for what I’m doing, so I’ll have to go with the material parameters option. Thanks!