Set Actor Location with Timeline not working?

Hey guys,

So I’m trying to move a Blueprint Actor with a Timeline that has a length of 50 seconds and a value of 0 - 1.
I then use that 0-1 value as the alpha from a Lerp with two locations.

But when the Timeline starts, it takes only 2 seconds for my Actor to reach the end location, even though the alpha value is only at 0.05, how does this make any sense?


Here is a video showing the issue:

Is Van parented/attached to the actor which is moving?

If so that’s your issue, it moves along with the actor and every frame the distance to Lerp becomes shorter rather than remaining constant.

Van is the root component of the Blueprint.
I’ve tried to use something else as Root, no changes.

I have now resorted to use a Timeline value of 0-92000 (92k is my X vector), then I split the vector of SetActorLocation and everything works.

Not a clean solution but it works until someone can help :slight_smile:

Yeah there we go, because the Lerp (A) isn’t a static point it gets messed up. Make a variable to store your initial position and then use that for the lerp.

Alternatively the VInterptoConstant node also exists and would also work unless you want to use the timeline/curve for something specific.