Set actor location error

So I was going to make a first person game where you can pick up physics objects and move them around, much like my little blacksmith shop.
Im pretty experienced with unreal so knew exactly how I was going to do it.
i did a line trace and set the end location and actor hit, then on tick I set the location of hit actor to trace end location.
It works perfectly, picks up the object and I can walk around with it and drop where I like.
The only issue comes if I walk backwards, the object jumps very slightly left and right at high speed, giving a kind of vibrating effect. It’s almost as if the camera forward vector is jumping a degree to left and right while walking backwards. It gets worse if I let go of the object while walking backwards as it flys off either left or right like a speeding bullet.
ive tried several things to figure out why this is happening and now I’m at a loss as to why it occurs. As I said it works perfectly when walking forward, left or right.
Anyyone got any ideas?

So after more testing I made a new project, did everything exactly the same, yet this bug never appears, everything is working as expected. I’ve gone over the two projects and they seem identical to each other yet I’ve confirmed on one of these projects the camera world location and forward axis jump wildly left and right by about 10 units when walking backwards for no apparent reason. Very odd.
anyway the fix was to just start again, luckily I noticed right at the start of the project.