set actor label in editor utility widget

so I was watching this video

and I was looking for some kinda function that looked like that in an editor utility widget, seeing as how in the video it was being done on just a regular actor,
how would I try to do this in 4.25 editor utility widget?

Exactly the same, but put the code in a EUW instead of an actor:

Am I missing something here?

I’m pretty new to blueprints
and I couldn’t find that set actor label node, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

If you look underneath the vid, he made a comment:

So you need to:

What i would say, blurprint tools have been great for a while, but i’m not seeing it having a large future in UE4. Try to use the python API, it is much much more wide than the editor utility blueprints. And at the same time, it is much more less complex or time consuming than c++. Myself a c++ and engine programmer, and yet i use python for my editor tools!


thanks for the tips peeps!
I’ll take look at these solution a bit later,
while I would love to do more with python, my python skillset is pretty weak, and I’d be fine doing it if I had a mentor in unreal for it at work to help get around things
had to do that with my maya python, as it’s pretty hard learning python on my own i find

the blueprint things feel a little more artist friendly and seems to have a lot of the things that are simple to do built in
it would be a shame not to try it out!

Agreed, BP is much more friendly and certainly has a future. Also, the BP utilities are coming out of beta as far as I can tell. There will always be space for those who don’t want to code. ( And I’m saying that as a coder…! ).