Set a variable like Global

Hi, first at all greetings to community, this my 3rd day working with Unreal4 and this is my first forum post.

I’ve been looking some tutorial in another post for interact with objects (to deal with the inventory), I’m trying to cast a ray from the camera instead a Overlap meshes like regular way for personal interestings.

I’ve reached the point of storing the object hitted by the ray in a variable, how can I make it Global to read it from another BP? (I’ve ticked Editable porperty without lucky). Better I place a screenshot…


You can access with casting. In others BP, cast MyCharacter, and get variables you need.

Thank you for response. That’s what I thinked, access it like in regular code, call the class to then take their variables. I’ve a little skill in programming, but new with nodes/BP, how can I place the MyCharacter BP(Actor) in current BP for then read it? Sorry, like I commented before I’m begginer on that.

Here it is an example :


All infos are here : Direct Blueprint Communications | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you ever so much!