Set a Value after test

Sorry just started learning UE4 today (been on UDK for years) but have got a basic question. I want to limit a value to no more than 90, how do I connect the float value from the Input Axis Turn to the Add Controller Yaw Input when it is <= 90 as the output from the <= is a bool?

Hi Yummy-Vegetable,

If you place a branch node after the InputAxis Turn node, and wire the booleon from the <= node into the Branch Input this will check if the AxisValue is <= 90.
From the Branch True, wire this into the Add Controller Yaw Input.
You can have two wires from the InputAxis Turn node [fairly certain, but dont have UE4 installed on this machine] and then wire this into the Add Controller Yaw Input Val input.

The above is a bit of a brain fart mate, but as mentioned I cannot test it at the moment.


I ran into a problem awhile back where if I respawned after dying look straight up the camera would spawn sideways. Ultimately this lead to finding in the player controller itself there are ways to limit pitch anyway to be 80 etc I can’t recall if yaw was there but might be.º-to-270º-limit.html

Clamp Float sounds like it might just be easier (1 node).
BTW: How is Zulu going, porting to UE4 or new project?

Thanks for the replies guys.

Zulu is still in Early Access but almost done. Have some spare time so thought I’d look into UE4

Derp, yeah sounds more more straightforward.