Set a timer when object picked up

How to set up a timer than prints on the screen that starts when an object is picked up and ends when the object is dropped in blueprints?

When an object is picked up you need to use “set timer by event node” , then creating a custom event that increase a varibale every second. it should be looped. just print it out in the custom event and u have a timer, when u picked an object. at the end you need to use “set timer by event node” again and set the time to 0. Bind it with the custom event what should be stopped

You can follow this tutorial to create a custom node that will auto-generate a time stamp “00:00:00” with a simple function call.

Thats exactly what I want but its in c++ so I dont understand it

It is copy/paste you don’t need to know the C++. We are creating a custom blueprint node. So if you follow along, once you add the code you won’t have to look at the C++ again, just use the blueprint actor component and the blueprint functions :slight_smile: