Set a fix camera or all levels ue4

i am creating a simple game with multiple levels. i am creating fix screen puzzle game. is i have to set the camera for all levels on there level blueprints because some level need large screen some require small screen space. or there any other way to set the camera one time for each level like game mode or anything else. If i set the camera on player using get current level and set world location of camera then the camera move with player. but i want fix camera without movement. What is best way for the performance of game . camera on level blueprint or in player blueprint.

What is best way for the performance
of game

This will have absolutely no impact on performance whatsoever.

But if you have 200+ levels and do not want to set up 200 cameras, you could hold a list of camera transforms for each level in an array or (better) a map. A loaded level can fetch a camera transform from the map variable and set current camera’s transform via the player controller.

This approach would make it easy to maintain and / or modify things quickly later on. And would require only one camera.

i set the static/fix camera in player blueprint. and change its z point or height using array variable for each level. But different mobile have different resolution so how to do that so that it adjust according to mobile screen automatically.