Set a borderless windowed mode in game?

Hello is there a way to set the window mode to borderless within the game?

If found this:

As you can see, one can change the window mode to borderless within the project settings,
but is this possible in game?

Maybe some way to change the project settings within a game?
Maybe with some command?

I have not tried this myself yet so I am not sure if it works, but I read that you can use the Execute Console Command node with the command: r.setres 1920x1080wf
You can change 1920x1080 to any resolution and I think it would make it windowed boarderless. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answer, but I tried that already, unfortunately it does not work like that.

I will say that there are several ways but, i suggest trying this:

-Get into your own blueprint
-Right click and search for get “Get Default Window Mode”
-Then pull the return value (That green one) and write “Set”
-Find an element called “Set by -Ref Var”, this makes the window mode as a variable and sets it’s mode
,your blueprint must be like this:

Change it’s value as you like.
Tell me your results.

Windowed fullscreen = Borderless

This does not do what I want, you should try to tick the box in the first image of my post and see what I am looking for. A fullscreen windowed game is not what I want. I want a window without a border. Like this:

Same problem here

Did someone solved this? I am still facing this issue

Same issue, any solution ?