Set a Blueprint string variable in Level Sequencer Timeline

Hello Unreal Ppl,

I am considering migrating to unreal from unity as I am extremely interested in the sequencer tool, however there is something I cannot figure out, which is pretty vital for my current project…

Basically, I want to be able to change strings of text using the sequencer timeline (ideally text in a widget blueprint class) , but cannot find any documentation mentioning something like this.
From what I can understand, it seems like sequencer can only change variables that alter over time such as floats etc, is there really no way to set a string with sequencer?

Would seem like a tragic oversight for such a powerful editor!


ps was unsure what section to post in.

This is, in fact, an oversight. We simply didn’t have a need for a string property track yet. I’ll add one.

Fantastic! Any approx estimate on when I would be able to get my hands on that?

We’ll try to get this into the next release.

Hi Max, how about FNames and Rotators? :slight_smile:

Watching the gdc2018 presentation about Niagara, the presenter mentions designing it as open as possible, since the developers can’t see all use cases. So they make you have access to anything.

Can this philosophy be extended to the whole engine please, so make anything available that is possible to be.