Session request failed

“Session request failed
Please close the other MHC browser pages and try again after one minute”

I have try a lot of times, but still the problem.
please give me some advice


Hi Jiang, Nin Hao ! You most probably have ad-block extensions enabled in your browser, if so you won’t be able to access the page. So, disable them or allow the pages and then you should be fine to continue.

Adblockers have nothing to do with it. I used to use the site before too

how did you fix it i have the same problem

How did u fix it? I have the same problem

Greetings @lilgultekin and @alexgomez2000 !

We see that this is the first time the both of you have posted in our forums! :medal_sports: We are so excited to welcome you to the Unreal Engine community! I am sorry that you are experiencing issues with the MHC. If you have already ensured that you are not using ad-block extensions in your browsers, have to tried deleting your cookies? Have you tried using different browsers?

Thank you so much for posting your questions, and I am hoping that the issues you are experiencing are resolved soon. Please let us know if the suggestions work. Happy Creating!