Services work but any UI elements crash game

On 4.10 Preview 3.

Anytime I use a Play Service node which results in a UI being spawned the game crashes.

For example: Show External Login UI will crash the game if the must choose an email to login, but does not if the users email preference is saved. Also, after crashing the game starts back up and email preference is saved.

The same thing happens to Show Platform Specific Leaderboard Screen but the crash happens no matter what immediately after the Leaderboard is shown.

Included logcat

[link text][1] (96.7 KB)

I’ve attached a more Windows friendly version of the logcat
[link text][1]

65607-logcat2.txt (680 KB)

Hey ,

I spoke further with our Android Developer and it was stated that you should be able to add the signature from your debug keystore into your app within the Developer console, this will allow you to be able to log in with development builds. So please set up a debug keystore. You can look over [this link][1] for additional information.


Yes, but that’s not the problem I’m having. I’m able to successfully log into Play Services but any time I use the Play nodes which present a UI the project crashes.

EG: Leaderboard will show the leaderboard but also crashes the game 100% of the time. Play Logon - Choose Account screen will let the logon but will crash 100% of the time. The logcat is from opening the leaderboard.

I tested the game on two devices. Both are experiencing the same crash. LG G2, and Moto X 2014.

Hi ,

Thanks for providing the log, but it looks like it’s from a shipping build where engine logging is disabled by default. Would it be possible to reproduce the issue in a Development build and post that log?

It crashes on the Play splash screen, right before I can choose an account to log in. This is from a dev build.

[11-09 11:12:17.068 W/InputDispatcher(24095): channel 'b59eb88 com.unpopularminion.shipping/com.epicgames.ue4.GameActivity (server)' ~ Consumer closed input channel or an error occurred.  events=0x9
11-09 11:12:17.068 E/InputDispatcher(24095): channel 'b59eb88 com.unpopularminion.shipping/com.epicgames.ue4.GameActivity (server)' ~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!
11-09 11:12:17.068 I/WindowState(24095): WIN DEATH: Window{b59eb88 u0 com.unpopularminion.shipping/com.epicgames.ue4.GameActivity}
11-09 11:12:17.068 W/InputDispatcher(24095): Attempted to unregister already unregistered input channel 'b59eb88 com.unpopularminion.shipping/com.epicgames.ue4.GameActivity (server)'
11-09 11:12:17.178 I/ActivityManager(24095): Process com.unpopularminion.shipping (pid 25450) has died][1]

66158-out_logcat.txt (121 KB)

Hey ,

I’ve checked on Tappy Chicken and I have not been able to reproduce this crash. We don’t believe that you need to create a new keystore. We believe that you simply need to follow the steps under “Create a linked application” here: https://developers…com/games/services/console/enabling#a_create_a_linked_application, but using your debug keystore.

In the meantime, I have contacted back with my findings on Tappy Chicken. We will update you as soon as we can.


I’m not sure how my project and tappy chicken are related. I can login fine, but some reason whenever the Login UI comes up the game crashes. Same applies to the leaderboard UI. This isn’t a Services issue that I can make sense of.

I’m of course not familiar with the engine but it looks like (if I had to guess) that a socket is being closed or improperly disposed of and is then incorrectly being referenced. But again, I’m very new to logcat and it’s errors.

There is another issue I’m experiencing which may be worth mentioning as I’m not sure if it’s related or not. It does not cause a crash but it has to also deal with Services so it may be worth mentioning. If not related I’ll figure it out later: Android: WriteAchievement and ReadAchievement successful but shows incorrect results - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums

Are you able to set up a sample project with the same UI features in it that I can test out? The reason that Tappy Chicken was tested is because it’s set up to go to Play and has UI and leadership boards included.

I sent you a message on the forum with a link to my project. It’s 19MB, so not very large.

Hey ,

Thank you for your patience. I have tested out the project that you provided me on a which has very similar specs to the devices that you’ve been using. They’re both on Adreno 330 (GPU) and Krait 400 (CPU). Currently, my device is on Andriod Version 5.0.1. I also checked this on my Nvidia Shield and I did not encounter any crash of the program on the device. The Nvidia Shield is also on 5.0.1.

The only crashing that I experienced was from the editor randomly crashing. Does this happen to you as well, or is it solely device related?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

You did not experience any crashes after compiling as shipping and choosing to log onto Play services? I experience crashes trying to logon using Play services no matter which account I try from, and on both a stock and rooted phone (LG G2, and Moto X 2014).

It’s actually worse than before now. Previously I could sometimes log on after the initial crash, now it crashes 100% of the time and logon fails 100% of the time. Besides the SDCard\UE4Game\ is there other folders I should be removing for a clean install?

The crash also occurred first install on the LG G2.

Also, the editor does not crash for me. Here are the steps I’ve taken on both devices:

  1. Force Stop App, Clear App Data, Uninstall App, Delete Storage\UE4 folder.
  2. Reinstall App using the .bat file generated from compile.
  3. Open app, choose YES to use services.
  4. Connecting to Services comes up, App crashes. App restarts and I’m asked to choose an account to use Services with.
  5. Pick an account(authorized or not, they all fail). Game crashes, stuck in loop of steps 4-5.

I could see that the Moto X being rooted and having a modified OS being a problem, but the LG is completely stock and experiences the same issues.

Could it be an issue with the engine installation? Maybe the Android libraries being compiled into the game are the problem. To test this would I reinstall the engine or AndroidWorks? But, to be fair this has been an issue since 4.9.x.

EDIT: I reinstalled AndroidWorks and UE4 to an entirely new location on my computer. However, the logon UI and leaderboard UI still crashes the game 100% of the time.

, can you please verify that you clicked YES to the use Services dialog? The next step is for me to reinstall my operating system and I would like to know that you were able to successfully log into Play services before I do so.

Can you send me your package?

Besides packaging it for Shipping, what type of Android build did you choose, all, etc1, etc 2, etc.?

The game isn’t crashing on my devices. It attempts to log into GooglePlay but I’m not sure if it’s fully successful or not. I don’t really get any type of notification for that. I am able to play the game too.

There should be a notice on the menu screen saying Logon Successful, or Failed. The source I gave you may not have this. Here is the APK I compiled for shipping Android ALL and have tested on three devices. The crash is pretty apparently; the application shutsdown and you see the default loading screen.

APK download:

If that doesn’t crash for you and shows the successful login click “Records” and then the “Leaderboard” button at the bottom right – to see if that crashes.

I went ahead and reinstalled Windows anyway, just to declutter some stuff. I’m still bringing everything back up though.

Edit: It’s also worth mentioning if you don’t see any notice then Services are enabled. You can go into settings on the main menu and click the Checkbox to enable them, once you hit save you’ll be brought back to the main menu where a logon will be made.

After reinstalling literally everything on my computer the problem persist. This would suggest it’s a problem with the engine itself.

So I fixed it. I’m not sure how, but it’s fixed. All I did was delete some unused assets.

I was having this problems, so I’ve used ADB to log info about. The problems lies on permission…
To be specific…the pemission is android.permission.INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS

So, all I have done was add it in project settings like this:

And that’s it! no crashes!