[Services] Several skill tutoring and other Beginner-Advanced

Hi all! We have set up an account on Fiverr where we offer several options. We can tutor you one on one for an hour with voice chat and Teamviewer to watch and guide you through whatever you desire to learn. We can cover Blueprints to a decently advanced degree, advanced terrain design and generation with World Machine, materials and shaders, 3D modeling with 3DS Max, and other programs. We also offer To basically have us on your project for the hour instead, if you just wanted us to work directly on your project to do your ideas. Alternatively, we can simply create and send you what you might want or need, such as a Blueprint, terrain, or material. We have a tutorial series over an advanced inventory if you wanted a sample of what we can do with Blueprints, found here:

If hiring us to teach or help you is something you might be interested in, check us out on this link to us on Fiverr, or send a message on there over what you might want for a custom job price!

Fiverr- Tutor you in unreal 4, 3ds max or world machine by Invicta_studios | Fiverr

Wrong category.

Where should I put it?

" Got Skills? Looking for talent? "

I like the idea. From my point of view, it´s not clear enough, what i would buy for five bucks.
Teamviewer could be an option, but for system safety options, it would be no option for me personally.
I even do not like to register on dazillion sites, where i would need to enter my EC-Card Numbers, to do a single time payment.
Yes, i had some bad luck in the past.
I always like the option, to give a paysafecard away, or paying with amazon voucher´s, but i do not know nothing about the legal stuff (Tax… for example), when you act commercially.
Best regards :slight_smile:

I don’t mind Teamviewer as long as I set to block everything except for viewing only, although now I’ll look in to the security again. lol. As for the tax, we do have a legal business set up, just have to report the income (if any). I will rethink how we phrase it, several people do seem confused what they get for the $5. Thanks for the feedback!