services mobile location?

hello, ive been testing stuffs and wanted to explore and use the new features of 4.15… > services nodes for the mobile…
i want to get my gps location…

but somehow it wont work…
anyone tried it yet?

anyone?.. help?..

I have some trouble too with this. The service works completely randomely. sometimes it’s working, if I quit the game and try again, it doesn’t work … Sounds like it’s not stable :confused:

You have to handle the device permissions and the handling of the service is a bit tricky.
You are missing a couple of nodes in your blueprint setup.

I got it to work and be stable with my Location Toolkit. It makes the GPS service easy to configure and use.
The toolkit takes care of that for you. It supports the mobile services and come with location related blueprints, assets, and features. It will be on the marketplace shortly.
You can find more details on this Location Toolkit post.
There is also a demo live on Android on the Google Android Playstore.