Servertravel in 4.18.2 doesn't work with seemless travel enabled

For reference, I am following the tutorial series for blueprint multiplayer, currently at end of video 15.
I have a nearly identical project to the tutorial project, bar the fact that I’m running this on a much more recent UE4 version.

This seems to be a problem faced by others I know as well. Is there another way to bypass this restriction?
At the moment I either have to choose between

  • a- seemless travel… that never
    travels anywhere…


  • b- travel to another map that takes
    ~5s prep time,

both current options do not work for me.

SIDE NOTE: Seemless travel seems to be the cause also behind a certain crash when I connect 1 client to the same lobby, change their character class, and THEN connect with player2 with advanced sessions in video 24 of the same tutorial series. But I have yet to confirm this 100% in order to post it on its own.


I also had this problem in the latest version of 4.18 and i did not know why it was not loading into the map. Thanks to you I found out that turning off seamless travel made me able to at least load into the map. But as to why i am stuck at an endless loading screen with seamless travel turned on, i have no idea… I too would like to find out the answer to this.

Seamless travel is only supported in standalone, you can’t test it in through PIE(Play In Editor).

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