ServerTravel crash on UE 4.17

Post all the relevant logs you can find. UE4 log especially.

Hello guys,

I’m following unreal engine’s multiplayer tutorial on youtube and come across this problem that I don’t seem to find the way to fix. Basically, whenever I execute the ServerTravel command, the game crashes. I check the dmp file and this is the error :

I have main levels : Mainmenu with a MainMenuGM, Lobby with LobbyGM ( already set Seamless travel and also set the transition map in the project setting) and the Map with the ThirdPersonGM.

link text

Here’s the log

There’s nothing obviously wrong in the log. Post the crash reporter logs too. I think there are more than just the minidump. Find the others by looking here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums.

Here’s the game log
link text

Nevermind I managed to fix it. Seems that I named a texture the same name as the map file. So server travel somehow tries to open that texture and results in fatal error :smiley: