Servere bowl effect when re aligning components

Hi, I am getting a severe bowl effect when adding control points and re aligning to join components. When aligning images originally to create component both components are fine but when bringing them together the is a bowl effect see photos for reference. Can anyone help me with a possible fix. Thanks


Before aligning those images, please click on the “Images” in the 1Ds panel and group your images. This will force RC to give every image the same calibration parameters.
Are you using control points or ground control points? The GCPs can be used to fix the point cloud curvature, but the image geo-location information has to be disabled for it to work.

If possible, import only a small part of your alignment into RC, group them as mentioned above, and align. Now you can select one of the images, and use the registration calibration and lens distortion parameters for the alignment of all images. Just open a new instance, import your images, group them, select them all (CTRL+A), and change the prior calibration and lens distortion parameters to be the same as the one from the smaller project.