Hello guys i am trying to make my server. I see that is very difficult to have a dedicated server, because there are many costs… I want to make a game with steam, and i know that i can make matchmaking and giving the host to one player (listen server)… But anyone knows if i can get the data for each match… Or somewhere the players get data for the game… Leaderboards e.t.c.

My first thought is to have my pc as a server with one steam account and people first connect to get the data and yet go away to play… And when the match stop, the player connect for a bit to give the data to me…

I dont know if my thought is right and i want some help and advises

Thank you

It’s best to set these things from the server rather than the client. Basically if you let the client decide, it opens up a can of opportunities for cheating. Say for example I play your game. I change my best score from 10 to 1000000. Your server takes that information and assumes it’s correct and updates the leaderboard with it. Now I’m the best without really playing much. If you’re okay with this then go for it but just know that leaderboards won’t be accurate. I also don’t know if games made with unreal can be published on steam, for some reason I thought you couldn’t.

As for the server-side, since you’re inexperienced in this, you absolutely must learn how to properly configure a server so that it is not vulnerable and with the permissions allowed by the player’s client, to validate absolutely everything that comes and goes to the server. You don’t want a bobby tables situation and you don’t want anyone to be able to use any account they wish.

It’s an extensive subject and it will take a long time before learning how to do it just right. You may be better off hiring someone for that part.

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