Server Travel for Multiplayer & Multiple players on both Clients and Server

Blueprint Multiplayer: Lobby Game Mode | 15 | v4.11 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine
Start at 30:15 if it doesn’t start there for you.

So it seems the “servertravel” command is not working anymore. I’m on engine version 4.17 and the game works correct up to the end of this tutorial except that it will not load the Arena01 level. I wrote “servertravel /Game/Maps/Arena01” I also tried capitalizing ServerTravel, I tried removing /Game/Maps and just putting Arena01. It’s just not working. It never loads the new level on the Server or on the Client. It just sits there in the lobby.

And yes, I’m running it as a standalone game and I have Seamless Travel checked on both the lobby game mode and the arena game mode.

It might be a problem with steam or they may have changed something with the Unreal Engine since the tutorial was for 4.11.

Does anyone know how to open a level as a server and have the clients in that session follow the server to that same new level’s session? Keep in mind I would like to stick with blueprints unless the C++ implementation can be exposed to Blueprints. I’m a visual person and prefer to work in blueprints, but I have also been learning C++.

I also would like to discuss ways to implement multiplayer in such a way that two machines (Console, PC, etc) could have 4 players max each, so essentially the client would be able to add players and so would the server. It could also add players on the fly, so one machine might have 2 players and the other has 3, with a min of one player and a max of 8 across 2 - 8 machines.

I still haven’t found an answer to this problem. If someone could help out, it would be very much appreciated.

I have had this problem for a while. If someone could help out, it would be very much appreciated. I just need to find a way to open a level and for all the clients to come with the server into that new level. Thanks in advance.

Okay, progress. I got server travel to work. Turns out I had forgotten to set my transition map. Things are looking up, but I still need to test if the client will follow.

Did you ever get a fix for this? I am having the same problem and I just can’t get it to work.

As he mentioned, you need to setup a travelmap in the projectsettings. Also set up a GameMode purely for the travelmap which has seamless travel enabled.
Hope I could help.

I decided to make a single player game first before coming back to tackle multiplayer.

I believe I did something like this and got it working. But I decided to come back to multiplayer at a later time and make a single player game first.

Travel Map fix with seamless enabled GameMode worked. Thanks!