Server to (ONE Specific) Client communication?

Hey, been looking around the past few days for documentation explaining how to communicate to client>server>back to the same client, and not all clients…

Primarily a artist, but set myself a little networking to learn, I have read most available documentation and for the most part I understand everything that I was able to find.

I have a project setup that communicates with a mysql database using json plugins for unreal engine 4 to pass data between them, it works perfectly!
However, I want the database to be on the same machine as the dedicated server so the “Server” can communicate with the local database so the dedicated server accesses user info, not the user client.
so I setup a run on server event which also works perfectly and I am able to login etc…

Problem**-- The debug message for login confirmation displays on all clients, even though I’ve set it to run locally.


Again login works fine, but why does the confirmation of 1 client login request get printed to all clients??

Any insight or solutions please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

nevermind found away round it, print strings seem to be replicated, but the values they print can be specific per client, as explained in my post here: