Server specific mod

Hey guys, currently wondering how to make my mod only usable on a specific server.

There are a few ways to do this. However, the easiest way would be to use custom INIs with a password.

Basically, in your GameUserSettings on your server, add something like:


Then in your blueprints, use integer comparison to determine if the password in your INI file is the same as your actual password (which you can hard-code into your Blueprints). CreativeHD has created an excellent tutorial on how to use these INI files here.

Thanks but my mod uses no blueprints apart from the primalgamedata one - which doesn’t have any of the nodes available to it. Also how do I make it disable the mod and/or stop the engrams from showing up if it’s on the wrong server?

You don’t.


Then how do you make it so another server cannot use it?

depending what your mod does you could do all kinds of things with a ini passcode. You could have structures “destroy actor” on themselves to remove them from the game if the code isn’t right, you could have certains parts not operate in the code itself if this check fails. Example my airship. If I wanted to make it so only certain servers could use certain features I could make the airship craftable but the upgrade system not function at all (you craft items and it adds components to the airship that augment it) unless the code is matched.