Server shipping build "Failed to respond"

Hi everyone!

In my project, I’m using the Advanced Sessions Plugin to create and join sessions on dedicated servers. It works fine in development build, but I encounter a problem when the server is in shipping build (not matter the client configuration build).

I added the steam_appid.txt file in the correct folder (with my custom appid), and the server seems to register on Steam, because I can find it when I do a GetServersAtAddress request with Postman (I have multiple servers running in development, and only one in shipping. The game port isn’t lying, the server I’m looking for is in the list).

However, when I call the FindAdvancedSessions node, I got a list of servers, but not the shipping server I’m looking for :frowning: Instead, I get this message:

LogOnlineSession: Warning: STEAM: Failed to respond IP:my.server.ip

This log appears in the function FOnlineAsyncTaskSteamFindServerBase::ServerFailedToRespond, but it doesn’t help me much =/

Therefore, I can’t join shipping servers, and I have no idea why.

Of course, I followed the documentation here: Online Subsystem Steam | Unreal Engine Documentation

The shipping server logs me this, so I guess it should work:

Where should I start to fix such a bug?

Ok, I fixed it.

It was a stupid mistake on my side: the executable allowed in the Windows firewall was “MyGameServer.exe”, while the shipping executable was named “MyGameServer-Win64-Shipping.exe”. I simply allowed the shipping executable in the firewall, and it was all good.