Server question

Has anyone connected bp based project with the unreal dedicated server? I know it requires to be built from source. Another question other than the obvious defference between listen and dedicated based servers in that listen servers run on a client is there any other deifferences logicaly? Also with the dedicated server requiring cooked content im assuming that the cooked content holds the logic for the dedicated server am I correct?

Yeah you can use bp with dedicated server, you do have to make just one c++ file, but you don’t have to code anything. You just need that c++ file so you can then generate VS project files. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to make a dedicated server there are a few on youtube and you can follow the UE4 docs too, but so you know you have to delete those last two functions in the server target file, because they are now depreciated and will crash when compiling your projects source. I won’t go into detail now, but if you have questions I could help out.

With a dedicated server, you need to host it somewhere and make sure the ports are forwarded so they point to the app at the right ip. As far as coding goes it is mostly the same thing.

I am also interesting to hear about this cooked content…

Awesome now if we can just get clarification on cooked content.

With a devoted server, you have to host it some place and ensure the ports are sent so they indicate the application at the correct ip. To the extent coding goes it is for the most part a similar thing.