Server Only Mods

Hi, is it possible to do server only mods, that is a mod that does not need to be installed on the client?

I am assuming it is possible but would like to get a quick confirmation so long as the mod does not introduce any new objects etc.

No. Mods are downloaded through steam and, depending on the hosting situation, are either FTP’d to the server or copied to the server manually.

The files need to exist on both sides or connections are refused. This happens when clients attempt to connect to a server with mods, the client steam account is subscribed to the mod(s) - if not already - and the files are downloaded from the workshop - if they don’t exist already. The client cannot connect until the mod has downloaded and installed.


Ok, I assume the mod can tell if it is runing on the server or the client, so despite having to be on the client it can do nothing when on the client? What I am looking to do is implement some tracking data for tribes and players into a database, to be read and displayed on a web site. It does not seem possible to get information from the files, so I thought to have the server update the database directly.

I am interested in this too. I was hoping to implement a full API with a UI that eventually gives admins the power to control the server without having to login or use RCON.