Server Instancing

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on Instancing on Unreal Engine for especially mmorpg games’ feature “Dungeon Instances”.

I prepared prototye which used tcp server-cliet architecture; but it is not good because there are some functions are not avaible like ondisconnect when connction lost etc.

I need to change my network codes. Could you help me what can I use for network. I can use RakNet but it is too big for now and maybe some people can’t install RakNet. Please write your opinion to this post. I will release these pack soon with good price.

My code is working now and can do thats:
Start New Game Server
Start New Dungeon Server
Join Servers
Join New or Old Dungeon Server etc.

I will add some party and guild features maybe because of joining with party of guild etc.

Please Note That : This Pack will require "Source Build for Dedicated Server build of Unreal Engine"