Server in spectator mode


I am thinking about adding a new feature to a game i am building, but i have no idea where so start, so i really hope someone could help me get started with this.

One of the game modes, i would like to implement, should work like this:

  1. On one device you launch the game and start a server in a special “spectator” mode
  2. Two clients join the server
  3. The game on the server side displays a split screen, displaying the clients and everting they are doing, like a spectator
  4. The clients can only see there own character

So the question is, is it possible to set-up a server this way?
If so, can someone please point me in to the right direction.


I don’t see why not. I am not in front of my development PC, but you would basically be using your server as a listen server from what I understand. Instead of spawning characters at the beginning you would delay them and spawn them after you have spawned the listen server as a Spectator Pawn. Then spawn each player character after. Multiplayer Shootergame would be a good point to look at how it handles spawning post login and modify from there.

As for the Clients only being able to see themselves, you would need to set Only Owner See on the mesh and as a far as replication goes, that might be a little more difficult only replicating individual player information to ONLY the server and not the other client. But I haven’t tried that yet so I am not entirely sure.

Thank you very much for your input, i will start digging in that direction.
Hope it wont be too hard :slight_smile: