Server Crashed. Lost Original Data.

Hey, been mod’ing in here for some time now, got a serious problem over here - not sure if it’s fixable at all. Never had something like this happen before.

The server I keep my original files for my mods took a poop. Wiping out the mod. All I have are the backup Cooked files. I know this is a stretch, but has anyone had any luck re-using the files to recreate their mod? As it sits, I think this may have tomb stoned the mod completely, as it is now starting to run out-of-date on the steam downloads.

If anyone has any experience in this, please shoot me a line.

As far I know u cant do anything with cooked files u will have to recreate ur mod from scratch or jus abandon it and make a new one sorry to hear this =\ it’s why I have copies of my files on iCloud’s and backup drives

Does one of the sites that seams to archive websites have a copy?
I don’t any offhand, Just seen there links on google and in forum posts.