Server/Client Pawn Possession

I am sharing this here as I hope that it may help others if they ever intended to look into or want the game mechanics of having on a multiplayer game possess pawns during run time. There are many way to blueprint things but this is my take on it.
Here is the forum post on the problem that I was having before - Link To Original Forum Post

Before I thought it was something simple as the camera was not getting the correct location from the client and moving to the pawns, but digging further into the mechanic I was going for I ended up getting pretty close to what I wanted which was a seamless looking transition between the current player character to the next pawn the player wanted to possess.

Its pretty close to what I was going for even though I will have to change a few more things for game play reasons and getting the client camera to not snap when possessing the player character again.Below are some screen grabs of the different blueprint logic that get this mechanic working.
Just a heads up some of the images may be rather large and take a bit to load. This is all being shown from each blueprints main event graph.

Player Controller Blueprint - The main controller that the player is using to drive input
Player Character Blueprint - In the video this was the bipedal character that was running around, or this could be the primary character that is intended to be used for the majority of game play.
Custom Possession Pawn - This is the base blueprint that would handle all the possessing logic, from this blueprint if there are child blueprints made from it they will automatically inherit this possession logic.

Hopefully some find this information useful and if there are better ways to improve on it feel free to share that information or if you have a question ask away and Ill try to get back to you. Thanks!