[Server-Client] Cant make client to wait by server update!

Hello every1. I started playing with replication 6 months ago but there’s one thing i still cannot undersand about it.

This is just an example.
Im trying to make a skill system:
1 - Server create the actua skill actors


2 - Client read the “current skills” replicated array and update my widgets

*this “Generate Starting Skills Widgets” uses “Current skills” array to generate the skills widgets.

Well, ofc widgets are not getting updated cuz when the client triggers “Generate Starting Skills Widgets” the Server has not updated the “current skills” yet so the client will update the widgets with a empty array…

I tried to remove the “Switch on authority” so the client would create the skill actors aswell and for my suprise, client actually added skills to the replicated array(what? i dont know how can client write in a replicated variable) so if i started with 4 skills the “current skills” array would end with 8 skills (server and client) and thats not what i want.

Tried to use a Run on Owning client event aswell but it did not work…

I presume there must be a way to do is without a delay node, delaying the client so the server can catchup client so here i m, asking how?

how to force client to wait until the server gets it done?

Thank you.