Server / Client architecture


I have some question about Network in UE4. I made the Multiplayer tutorial on the official youtube chanel, i made some multiplayer game with the replicated variable ect ect. But in a lot of case (i think) the basic Network system of UE4 will not be the best for a lot of game (like a moba or a survival game ect ect). I mean, if you don’t want that the server is one of the client.

So I have some question :

  • Can we create easely (i mean with a sort of UE4 functionality) a server and game client (two separate .exe) and where the server has only a console
  • If not, are the socket my last solution ?


Ps : sorry for my bad english

Hi pretot_n.

You may want to take a look at Exit Games Photon:

It’s a client-server solution for realtime multiplayer, consisting of a dedicated server side, either hosted by yourself or by Exit Games, and Client SDKs for various platforms, and works just fine with unreal engine 4.

thanks Kaiserludi, I will take a look on this