Server cant see projectiles spawned by client

Hello, I would greatly welcome any help with an issue I’m having, I have a third person shooting game setup where the player spawns projectiles and shoots them at AI. I’m having some trouble with the Server not being able to see client spawned projectiles. And client spawned projectiles not damaging the AI. Please find images of my Blueprints below. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

You need to ensure that your Projectile is set to replicate as a well. Good rule of thumb, Anything you want someone to see should be set to replicate. And called by the server. This was an issue i had a little while ago. Double check your BP’s to make sure they are replicated to the server.

Hope this helps.

I assume that your blueprint screenshots are taken from the character.

When your client calls “Shoot”, a local projectile is spawned on the client. Unfortunately it is not allowed for clients to replicate actors to the server, so the server will never see it.

It was the right thinking to create a server event “ServerShootSTART” and call it when on the client. Actually when the server execute “Shoot”, a projectile should be spawned and replicated to clients (if the settings are correctly set). When this doesn’t happen, i.e. ServerShootSTART is never called, this means that your invoking client doesn’t own the character. You can find more about owning an actor here: Actors and their Owning Connections | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hey thanks for the response I’m fairly sure the projectiles are being replicated but still no luck. The finial blue print screenshot is actually from my projectile blueprint, which again I think is set to correctly replicate. I’ll post it again for convenience.

Hey thank you for the response, I’ve researched into actor ownership and it sounds like the client not owning the character could might be my issue. Also real quick the finial screenshot is actually a screenshot of my projectile blueprint. Forgive the very noobish question but how would I set the client as the owner of the character? I’m using a modified version of the third person character blueprint from the example projects.

Basically the player controller created for the client connection must possess the character. But please notice, that this differs from spawning the character. The server should spawn the character and then replicate it to the client. Unfortunately I don’t know how you spawn your character and player controller.