Server camera rotation not replicating to client

I made a little toy using the Third Person Template as a base. The only feature is has is that you fire a little red laser in the direction the camera is pointing when you left click. I want the two players (server and 1 client) in the level to see the lasers that the other fires heading in the correct direction. It’s almost working, too. When I fire lasers as the client the server sees them exactly as it should. When I fire lasers on the server, the server sees them head in the direction its camera is pointing (as it should), but the server sees the lasers head in the direction the server’s mesh is pointing. I can swivel my camera view all around on the server, and the lasers follow correctly. On the client’s view, however, the lasers do not change their direction unless I turn the server’s mesh with WASD. This is the only code I’ve added to the Third Person Template:

Does anyone know what’s causing the problem?

Okay so I managed to figure this out today, the client simply didn’t “know” what the rotation value of the server’s camera boom was. So I just passed the value with a function input.