Server and Client Replication on Delta Time

When connecting to the server, with multiple connections, one client can interact with a breakable wall_400x400 and its replicated blueprint. set to break with like 1 damage. this is fine, when connecting another client the wall was busted prior by 1st client, however when connecting with the other client to the server , I found the wall back up , but the other client is seeing it down. I figured it was a world update that needed to be made on the server updating all objects. but this was not successful , im kinda stumped on this , I would like the replication update all clients , even if a client disconnects , and reconnects, it should be updated by the server to see the object still broken. can anyone help in the right direction to look , I was reading the A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums wiki , but this was kind of confusing. there has to be an easier way?

if someone can point me in the right direction on this I would appreciate it.

when creating a dedicated server, I can connect several times to it. I have set a breakable wall static mesh, that once touched , am able to break it , when starting on the second connection having two clients, I am able to see the first client break the wall and vise a versa, I also have the day and time factor that replicates on the clients. I have the sun replicate as well. and have in the world blueprint to update the was and sun with the clients. now my issue is this , 2 factors. one … I can connect with one client , and interact with the wall such as breaking it , I can see with the other client the breakage, as well from the first client when client two breaks the wall, however , if I disconnect with one of the clients , the wall gets reset , as well the sun shows day , while still connected client sees the obstacle of the broken wall still broken , and day almost night can anyone pinpoint a direction I can take to resolve.