Server and Client Last Movement Input Vector

I have a character. I need access to its last movement input vector on the server. I am adding to the input vector using the “Add Movement Input” blueprint call.


I can get this vector on the client side, but I cannot get it on the server. I read that both client and server do a simulation and the client makes corrections based on the server’s state.

Somehow this movement input vector is being sent to the server from the client. I want access to it on the server without having to resend it from the client on every frame which would cause unnecessary network traffic. Is this possible through blueprint calls?

I looked through some of the engine code and it appears that this vector only exists on the executable belonging to the local player controller. I do not think this value gets replicated to the server.

The acceleration on the server is affected by this input vector. Their direction are usually the same if there is no other values operating on it.

For my problem all I needed was the direction. I think this should work, but it it does not I will reopen this question since the input vector is definitely the value I will truly need.