Server and Client build configurations in Visual Studio are missing

After update to 4.7.5 from 4.7.2, all Server and Client configurations are missing in Visual Studio. Is this a bug or some new features? If it is not a bug, how can I build a dedicated server in 4.7.5?

While using ver 4.7.2, I used to follow this guide to build a dedicated server.

But it didn’t work in 4.7.5. Because I can’t find a * Server build configuration in VS.

Plz help me. Thx and sorry for my poor english.

Hey foryoung365-

What step in the guide you linked are you unable to continue past? I created a project in 4.7.5 built from source and saw Debug Server, DebugGame Server, Development Server, Shipping Server, and Test Server options in the solution configuration drop-down. Please let us know if there’s any other information you can think of that might help us reproduce the same issue on our end.

Sorry, it is a false alarm.
I have made a mistake.
I forget to switch the engine version to the source built one.
The project was still opened with the release version, that’s why I can’t find any *server or *client option in it.
Thank you for your time.
And I am so sorry about that.

I had the same issue but I can’t switch to source build because there is no UnrealBuildTool.exe how do you do it

Hi TjisAwesom,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Were you able to get a version of the Engine built from source code? If not, you can this wiki page to get some information about how to get the source code and build it.