[ serriffe ] workshop

Hello folks, just posting my progress from an old project I did from Maya. I decided to dust up my Maya skills a bit and at the same time, do a complete asset conversion to Unreal Engine 4. This project was meant to test my rendering skills for Post Rendering a while back in Mental Ray. ( yup that old ) I will try to update as soon as I as can.

Hello folks, everything still looks rough for final and currently using the same base brick textures for all of the buildings at the moment and just did a quick high render lightmass settings for testing. I also did a quick true scale on all of my assets just to make sure they all scaled right. I am about 90% in from exporting my old Maya files into Unreal Engine 4. More to come!

95% on getting all my old assets from Maya, and possibly expanding it a bit more. I did high lightmass settings just to see how long it takes and it took a long awhile. The trees and people are not done by me, just needed a quick placeholder.

things to do

  • refine shaders and textures more
  • small fixes on props IDs or texture map channels
  • add original planned assets
  • add grunge assets
  • start refining and do more lighting study

still a long ways to go, but initially, this project meant to be a test bench and to build a block asset library.

Hey Folks, I now have exported 100% of my old Maya files into Unreal Engine and now going into the next phase, adding more assets such as interiors and exterior props. and more refinement